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  1. I’m a Forensic scientist specializing in fires, more specifically it’s my job to research ways to avoid the very thing that happened to your family. The thing that really gets me is there was not any solid notion as to how they suspected the fire could have been started. There was no accelerant discovered. just a single v near to the floor. Someone would have had to sit there with a literal torch, or built a camp fire in the closet to cause that burn. Fires generally will not spread through open air, any arson investigator should know this. Carpet is not in its self (highly) flammable, it prefers to melt first. I am very grateful your mother was acquitted, but she should have never been charged in the first place. The fault most likely was with your land lord neglecting to keep the house up to date. If it makes any difference, there have been quite a few criminal negligence charges brought against landlords in recent years for similar things. Its to little much to late, but take heart in the knowledge that we are trained to look for any possible way a fire could have started BEFORE we start looking for an arsonist. Our instructors take great care to drill into students the risk of preconceived bias. Sadly I believe that is why your mother was tried to begin with. You might also like to know that we use your case as an example of what can happen if we jump to conclusions. I apologize that I cannot leave any contact information, this is very irregular and improper. I just wanted to reach out. I was touched by your story. I had never heard the personal details until recently. I was made aware because of a certain show you are well acquainted with. Lastly, I to was involved in a house fire as a child. If my mom had been asleep on the couch that night, as she often was while watching television, i could very well have suffered the same fate as you.

    – Christopher

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    1. I thought I replied to this when I first saw it, but apparently I didn’t. Reading your comment has brought me some solace in knowing that hopefully other people won’t go through what my mom and I did because our story is out there. I have no doubt bias was involved because people in our area don’t think very highly of the Hinson family. I’ve removed myself from them as far as I can because I understand why people don’t think highly of them. I agree, she shouldn’t have been charged in the first place. Any real arson investigator with any sense could have seen what really happened, like Hurst did in the end. I just wish he had been able to help sooner than he did so I didn’t have to be away from my mom as long as I was, but her lawyers had no interest in making it easy for her to prove her innocence. Regardless, I’m glad you left this comment. I understand the contact info thing, it’s okay. Thank you for being so kind.


  2. Brittany, I am new here and just saw the episode on forensic files. I am so sorry you went through the things you did. You were such an intelligent little girl. Now you’re a very intelligent woman. You’ve been through so much. I hope life is treating you better. I truly do.

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  3. Hi Brittany,
    I hope that you’re doing well. I have watched that case at least 10 times and i just still can’t get over it. i’m addicted to crime investigation shows aired at many countries i.e. Forensic Files (US), American Justice (US), Tatort(German), Crime Patrol(India) , Shabir to dekhe ga (Pakistan), Real crime stories(UK) and others but there are only a handful of cases that have had a profound impact upon me. One of such cases was this one. How the cruel and unjust system exploits naive and straightforward people makes me cringe to the core. I’m also disheartened by the untimely demise of your honorable mother who went through the tribulations of the ravenous justice system but had the resolve and faith to contest the allegations leveled against her.
    When i heard you talking about your brother on the Forensic Files episode it almost made me cry 😦 and considering the gruesome episodes i have seen so far that’s somewhat a rare occurring. In that episode you were the personification of childhood in its most pristine form. I’m so moved that here i’m browsing the internet hoping that i could find something about that child and her mother and that their lives would be better now. I was devastated to find out that the pretty, honest and upright woman is no more but her incarnation is not a child anymore but a grown up , the same age as mine. Lastly i would like to say that although we don’t know each and probably would never meet but i consider myself to be a party in all of your griefs and sorrows. I pray to God that your life ahead is full of happiness and joy and that the demons from your past never haunt you in future. Your well wisher from Pakistan Hassan Tirmizi


    1. Her death was very sudden and I still feel its sting daily. Thank you for being so kind. It always makes me smile to get responses like yours.


  4. I came across your blog and I just wanted to say that you are a skilled writer. Your pieces are succinct, clear and always engaging. I keep reading even when the subject matter is personally challenging, because you always treat serious issues with respect.

    By reflecting on your own struggles and experiences through writing, and then sharing your pieces online, you are providing reassurance to people like myself who have also experienced hardship and ongoing recovery.

    I hope that you are doing well, wherever you are at this point in your life.


  5. Hi! I have never written someone who I saw on a television show. However, I just saw your family’s story on “Forensic Files” and I then googled your mother and discovered that she had died. The whole fire story broke my heart, I felt that your mother suffered so much but from what I saw she was very strong and intelligent! So, if this means anything to you, I just wanted to share that with you and also inquire if you have met your siblings who were given up for adoption.


  6. I’m so impressed by your insights at such a young age. I’m nearly twice your age and finally realized that it doesn’t mean he likes you if he bullies you. It just means he’s a bully. I initially came across this blog after doing a search about your mom. I’m so sorry she’s gone. You’ve lost so much. But you’ve also gained a great sounding husband and sweet daughter. I wish you well.


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