Soothing Sea

champagne gleams in starlight

encapsulating souls of the ocean

weave through the coral maze

shades of the setting sun

shoot across the sky

golden eyes engulf a mind so alive


by Brittany Zedalis in Dead Snakes Poetry


4 thoughts on “Soothing Sea

  1. Great poem Brittany. I love poetry so thanks for following me so I could could know about you. Let me make a suggestion to you for your blog. You should add the “widget” to follow your blog by email. When you offer it then every new post is sent to your followers automatically. It’s only a suggestion that I think would help you. If you add it let me know so that I can get it. Thanks so much. Have a great day!!!


  2. Reblogged this on As Eventide Falls and commented:

    In honor of my grandfather-in-law passing last night, I’m resharing this poem of mine. I wrote this poem during my trip to Puerto Lindo, Panama, where my husband, his dad, and I all stayed on a boat for over a week with my grandparents-in-law. They knew of my love of poetry and enjoyed what I’d been writing. I was assigned to write a poem about my stay there during the week, and they had me read it out loud to them on the boat during our last evening there. With is passing, this poem has new meaning to me. He was a wonderful person and I’m going to miss him dearly.


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